You must live under a rock if you haven’t heard the story about GME stock, but just in case you haven’t heard the news, here is a very brief summary of what happened.

Melvin Capital, a big hedge-fund, was engaged in short-selling stock of Gamestop, a company that did very well as a brick and mortar retailer in malls about 20 years ago, but was struggling in the digital game era. Short-selling means the hedge fund was borrowing GME stock to sell, betting the company’s worth would continue to drop, and then would purchase those shares back at a lower…

Who really thought this wasn’t coming? Of course we knew a coup was coming, and I am only shocked that anyone is acting shocked about it. People were posting for weeks about it, Trump circled the date on the calendar and incessantly tweeted about it. I suppose the disbelief is because some of us are still labouring under the delusion that America is special and such things “don’t happen here.” They obviously can, and did.

American exceptionalism is a very annoying myth. Clinging to a wholly unearned sense of superiority has allowed us as a nation to collectively bury our…

Neither of these choices are good for the Jews

About a fortnight before the British parliamentary elections, the Washington Post tweeted that Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the British Labour party, faced allegations of anti-Semitism due to pro-Palestine activism. Within a few hours, the tweet was gone, and an apology was put up in its place. Despite the correction and apology, this incident highlights a problem recurring on the left and growing on the right, that when Jews call out anti-Semitism, others deliberately misrepresent the allegations to downplay the issue at hand. Contrary to popular belief, this is not contained to the comments section and social media. Our current…

I am so sick of this man’s face

Let’s start with the good news. Trump’s new executive order doesn’t technically redefine Jews as a distinct nationality. No one’s making a list of Jews, and no one is outlawing criticism of Israel either. The executive order says that Title VI covers the discrimination of Jews beyond and inclusive of religion — in other words, Title VI protects us as an ethnic minority, which is something that’s already been legally established for a long time. In that way, it’s an extension of Obama-era (and before) doctrine, and mostly just re-affirms the current law. …

My first piece for Medium was written in an attempt to explain why some people thought Representative Ilhan Omar said something antisemitic on Twitter. Today, I am writing about the far worse antisemitism of the President of the United States.

Fuck this guy.

Omar’s statements made being a Jew in America a bit more difficult. Trump made being a Jew in America dangerous. There is a world of difference between the two.

Trump’s supporters refuse to recognize his malicious influence. Only disingenuous actors and bigots trying to hide that fact would deny that Donald Trump is himself a bigot of the worst sort…

It’s a tough time to be Jewish in America.

To be fair, it’s a rough time being Jewish anywhere, anytime. Things are definitely worse in parts of Europe than they are in the USA. But all the same, things are getting rocky in the Goldine Medine. The numbers speak for themselves. And above it all, the trauma from the October murder of 11 Jews during Shabbat services at Squirrel Hill still looms large.

Amidst all this, what is dominating our news cycles is not the bullet holes in an Ohio synagogue, nor the swastikas that appeared on a yeshiva that…

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